VMZINC Sine Wave is a corrugated profile in zinc that can be fixed to a wooden or a metal framework. This is one of the few VMZINC facade systems that relies on visible fasteners. The system can be used to clad walls both horizontally and vertically. Sine Wave can be installed on a roof, however a secondary waterproofing layer is required.


The system is fixed back to timber or metal (galvanised steel at least 1.5mm thick or aluminium at least 2mm thick) rails that are typically at centres of between 0.8m and 1.2m (depending on loading). The rails must have a supporting face width of 40mm and should allow a minimum vented space between the VMZINC Sine Wave panel and the insulation/sheathing of 38mm.


Please find below files containing a selection of drawings. Further drawings are available upon request from your specification manager. Please note these drawings are only relevant for Ireland and UK market.

Areas of application

Suitable for both renovation projects and new buildings - All types of buildings : commercial, public buildings, collective and individual housing.


ZINC thickness0.8 or 1 mm
Panel length6000 mm

For panels over 3m in length slotted or over-size holes must be pre-drilled to allow the thermal expansion and contraction of the panels to take place.
Maximum panel size836 x 6000 mm
ProfileThe standard profile for the panel is an 18/76mm module which is available in both 0.8mm and 1mm thicknesses
FinishesVMZINC PLUS must be used on all non-vertical flashings if open gap soft boards are not being used 
  • PIGMENTO Charcoal Blue
  • PIGMENTO Storm Grey
  • PIGMENTO Brown
  • PIGMENTO Green
  • Natural zinc

Documents and drawings

  • The panels are installed in a sequential order from bottom up. Panels are fixed in place with stainless steel screws on every other wave. The panels should be installed with the protective film in place.

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