VMZINC offers a range of accessories for pitched roofs and facades.


    INTEGRA Vent for a Slate Roof

    • Discrete Integrates well into a slate roof due to its shape and colour
    • High quality ANTHRA-ZINC® has a proven track record of 40 years 
    • Ventilation Allows 60 cm2 and 145 cm2 of ventilation
    • Application Primary use is venting of slate roofing 

VMZINC Breather Membrane

VMZINC Breather Membrane is a breather membrane specifically designed for VMZINC roofs and walls.  The breather membrane creates a watertight protection whilst being water permeable.

Aludex Max

Aludex Max is a high performance vapour barrier:

  • a top layer of aluminium foil;
  • glass fibre thread reinforcement;
  • a bottom layer of self-adhesive SBS/SIS high polymer.