General information

The fixings are visible and this gives the façade an industrial look. It can be used to clad large surfaces of industrial and corporate buildings as well residential projects using contemporary design. Zinc is durable material and requires no maintenance. These profiles can be used to clad walls horizontally and vertically.

Areas of application

All types of buildings, in particular office and public buildings and collective housing

Flat façade (vertical walls)

New construction or refurbishment projects

Technical data

Length 1800 mm
VMZSolution.Dimensions.type 18 mm / 76 mm
VMZSolution.Dimensions.usefulWidth 836 mm
VMZSolution.Dimensions.usefulLength 836 mm
Weight 8.7 kg/m²
  • PIGMENTO Brown
  • Natural zinc


The panels are installed in a sequential order from bo ttom up.Panels are fixed in place with stainless steel screws on every other wave. The maximum length for the panels is 6m.

For panels over 3m in length slotted or over-size holes must be pre-drilled to allow the thermal expansion and contraction of the panels to take place. The panels should be installed with the protective film in place.

VMZINC PLUS must be used on all non-vertical flashings if open gap soft boards are not being used.

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