The Overlapping Panel system comprises of an economical kit of panels and flashings that can be easily installed on either timber battens or metal cladding rails. The system is fixed with screws or with a nail gun resulting in the panels being held in place with no visible fasteners. They are installed horizontally.


The overlapping panels are installed on vertical cladding rails at 600mm centres. The rails can be either softwood timber with a 50mm supporting width or 40mm wide metal rails (2mm thick Aluminium or 1.5mm thick galvanised steel). A vented air space of at least 38mm must be allowed for behind the panels.


Please find below files containing a selection of drawings. Further drawings are available upon request from your specification manager. Please note these drawings are only relevant for Ireland and UK market.

Areas of application

Suitable for both renovation projects and new buildings - All types of buildings : commercial, public buildings, collective and individual housing.


Width 200 mm
Length 3000 mm
Thickness 0.7 mm
Seam 13 mm
Width of the joint 10/m2
Weight 4.56
No elements/m2 1.66
  • PIGMENTO Brown
  • PIGMENTO Green

Documents and drawings

  • In a sequential order the panels are installed from bottom to top and fixed with a nail gun for timber supports and screwed into position when using metal cladding rails. The panels should be installed with the protective film in place. A full set of standard flashing trim is available for base, top, corners and windows.

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