General information

The Interlocking panel system is designed for any facade to be cladded with a rainscreen system, for both new and refurbishment projects.

It involves installing interlocking panels on metal or wood framework fixed to the supporting structure (masonry or metal structure).

The metal facade panels are simply connected by the use of an interlocking groove giving the elegant appearance of a recessed joint.

Panels can be perforated.

Technical data

Thickness1 mm
Centre to centre distance200 mm - 250 mm - 300 mm
Weight (kg/m2) excluding framework11.18 - 10.40 - 9.85
LengthFrom 500 mm to 6000 mm
Joint width10 or 20 mm
  • PIGMENTO Brown
  • PIGMENTO Green

  • The panels can be laid vertically or horizontally. The choice of direction implies different aesthetics and technical solutions for the main flashings.

    A range of standard accessories has been designed for the main flashings:

    • External and interior corners,
    • Top and bottom pieces,
    • Window lintels, etc.
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