About us

VMZINC® has been manufacturing a wide range of rolled zinc products used primarily for building envelopes since 1837.

In addition to batten cap and standing seam roof systems, products include rainwater systems, a wide range of cladding systems, including a number of rainscreen façade products. Since its creation the company has also produced decorative roofing products such as dormers, bull’s eyes, weather vanes, finials and balustrades.

Our history

Since the 18th century, after developing an original production process, an imperial decree was granted to Jean-Jacques Dony to mine the zinc ore deposit at La Vieille Montagne, near Liège, in Belgium.

VMZINC Manufacturing Process

VMZINC, a leading specialist in innovative zinc solutions for the building industry.


The quality of all product ranges is VMZINC’s core preoccupation and applies in the first instance to rolled products manufactured at our various production sites.

VMZINC Corporate video

Vieille Montagne

Saga Vieille Montagne

At the end of 2015, we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the first application of Vieille Montagne zinc on a roof in Paris!